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I’m utterly devoted to providing top-notch care for your furry family members. My mission? To keep learning and improving, so you can trust that your pets are in the safest, most loving hands. 

While I pour my heart into every wag and purr, I want you to know that I’m not a dog trainer. I’m here to offer heaps of love, attention, and care, but if your pooch has specific challenges, like being a bit reactive or anxious, we’ll chat about it. It’s all about making sure I’m the best fit for your pet’s needs – and I really hope I am! 

If you’re looking for a bit of extra training expertise, no worries at all! Just have a peek at the recommendation section for a fab trainer I trust. Together, we’ll make sure your pets are living their best lives! 


30-45mins £0.00

Let’s Make Sure We’re the Perfect Match for Your Pet!

Pet parents! Before we pencil anything in our diaries, let’s chat and make sure we click – you, me, and your adorable pets. It’s super important we’re all on the same page so I can deliver the absolute best care tailored just for them.

Our initial meet-up is key, ideally at your place where your pets strut their stuff. It’s the perfect time for a good old natter, to swap stories, and to gather all the nitty-gritty details to ensure your pet’s tail keeps wagging when you’re not around.

If a walkies is on your wish list, let’s take a stroll together during our meet. I’ll get the scoop on how your doggo likes their lead, their fave walking spots, what commands they know, and get a feel for their walking style.

And if you’re ready to book, handing over a key and showing me around then would be fab – it helps avoid any extra charges for future visits. Don’t fret, I’m all about transparency; no surprise fees here, just clear, honest care for your furry friend.


30 mins £15.00

45 mins £17.50

60 mins £20.00

Pawsitively Devoted: Your Dog’s Personal Sunshine or Rain Buddy!

Zoë here, ready to be your pet’s personal ray of sunshine, come rain or shine. I offer a bespoke one-on-one service that showers your dog with all the love and attention they deserve during our special time together.

On our first walk, I’ll keep your doggo on a lead. It’s my way of getting to know their strength, their unique personality, and those adorable quirks. Once we’re in sync and I feel it’s safe, with your nod of approval, I’ll let them explore off-lead. But rest assured, I’ll always put their safety first, using my professional judgement every step of the way.

Need a scenic change? If you’d like me to whisk your pup away to their favourite walking spot, we can chat about any additional costs for travel or adjust our walking time accordingly. We’ll cover all the details in our ‘MEETING MY FUR-EVER FRIENDS’ session.

My rates are for solo walks with your cherished pup. If you’ve got a duo or more from the same household, it’s just an extra £5 per additional dog. And don’t worry about packing snacks – I’ve got the poo bags and treats sorted, but if your fur baby has a favourite nibble, feel free to hand them over!

Just a little heads-up: sometimes life’s a bit unpredictable, and I might run into traffic or the previous pet might need a bit more TLC. I might be a tad early or a smidge late, but I’ll always aim to be right on time.

And if your pooch loves the pack life, group walks might just be their jam! For those, Clint Hammond’s your man – check out his details in the recommendation section.


30 mins £15.00

45 mins £17.50

60 mins £20.00

Personalised Pet Drop-In Service: Cuddles, Care, and Clean-Up!

Zoë here with a quick low-down on our fabulous drop-in service at Peachy Pets & Pads. Whether it’s for a potty break, a munch and crunch, or some snuggle time, I’ve got your pet’s needs covered.

During my visits, I can let your furry friends out for a wee, refresh their water, serve up their favourite grub, and tidy up their living space. And of course, there’s always time for cuddles – if that’s their jam!

Got a doggo that loves a stroll? No problemo! Just book in for a longer pet visit (45 or 60 minutes), and we’ll include a lovely little walk. Or if a walk is all they need, you can choose from a 30, 45, or 60-minute dog walking service.

And it’s not just dogs and cats – I’m here for all your animal amigos. We’ll have a chinwag during our initial ‘MEETING MY FUR-EVER FRIENDS’ session to make sure I get all the deets right for your unique pet.

Just pop over to the ‘MEETING MY FUR-EVER FRIENDS’ section to set up our first date – I can’t wait to meet your pet pals and tailor everything to their little hearts’ desires!


from £15.00

Need a Pet Taxi? I’ve Got You Covered!

Hey there, busy pet parents! Got a house move on the horizon, or juggling work hours with doggy daycare times? No worries, I’m here to lend a helping hand!

I offer a nifty pet taxi service to whisk your furry friend from A to B, whether it’s to a new pad, daycare, or any other place they need to be. Just make sure your pet’s had a little vroom-vroom experience before, so I know how to make their car adventure as comfy and stress-free as possible.

And yep, I’ve got the gear for safe travels – a proper seat belt attachment for your dog’s harness. We can chat about any other safety wishes you have to ensure your pet’s journey is as smooth as can be.

Let’s go over all the deets during our ‘MEETING MY FUR-EVER FRIENDS’ chat, so I can get all geared up for your pet’s travel needs. Pop over to the section to book our meet-up, and we’ll sort everything out. Can’t wait to help your pet hit the road happily!


from £20.00

Make Your Big Day Purr-fect with Your Pet by Your Side!

Dreaming of your fur baby being part of your wedding day magic? Whether they’re your fluffy ring bearer or the star of your photos, if your usual pet helpers are all celebrating with you, don’t fret – Peachy Pets and Pads has got your back!

I’ll scoop up your pet from wherever they are and ferry them safely to your venue, so they can be there to witness you say ‘I do’. If you want me to hang around with them, I’m all ears – or if you prefer, I can pop back later to chauffeur them to wherever they need to snuggle down after the festivities.

The nitty-gritty on the cost? It’s all about the miles and whether I’m sticking around or coming back for round two. But don’t you worry, we’ll hash out all the details at our ‘MEETING MY FUR-EVER FRIENDS’ session. Head over to that section to get our chat in the diary, and we’ll make sure your pet is part of your happily ever after!

PET SITTING Non live-in


Your Pet’s Home-Away-From-Home Experience!

Got a busy day ahead and hate the thought of your fur babies feeling lonely? No problem! My pet sitting service is just like them having a little staycation at home. I’ll be there to let them out for a wee, fill up their bowls with fresh water and their favourite nosh, and of course, give them all the cuddles they want (if they’re the cuddly type!).

Here’s the deal for our hangout sessions:

1 hour of fun – £20.00

2 hours of love – £30.00 (that’s only £15 per hour!)

3 hours of play – £45.00 (still £15 per hour, bargain!)

4 hours of companionship – £57.00 (down to £14.25 per hour!)

5 hours of pampering – £67.00 (the best rate at £13.40 per hour!)

These prices are a pinky promise that I’ll be with your pet the whole time you’ve booked me for.

Need me for a bit longer? After 5 hours, it’s just £10.00 per additional hour.

And if we’re talking 6+ hours, the starting cost is £50.00. This is perfect for when you know you’ll be out all day but also want me to pop in and out if I’ve got other furry clients to visit.

Oh, and it’s not just for the doggos and kitties – I’m all about that animal kingdom love, so whatever your pet, we can chat about what they need.

Let’s get together for a ‘MEETING MY FUR-EVER FRIENDS’ session and talk it all through. Can’t wait to meet you and your animal family!


(6+ hours & live in) from £50.00 per day)

Rest Easy with Top-Notch Care for Your Doggo and Digs!

Hey pet pals! Heading out and about, and need someone to keep an eye on your four-legged bestie and your home? I’ve got you sorted. Imagine this: your pooch chilling in their favourite spot, stress-free, because everything’s just as you left it – and just as they love it.

While you’re off doing your thing, I’ll be making sure your furry family member is living their best life – think walks, water, food, and all the belly rubs they can handle. We’ll keep it as close to their normal routine as can be!

Got more than one pup? No prob, it’s just an extra £7 per day for each additional dog to join the fun.

And yep, I’m flexible – if I need to nip out for another pet’s walk, I can do that too. It’s all about making sure your pet feels loved and your home secure, without you having to worry.

Oh, and for the rest of your critter crew – fish, bunnies, hammies, tweety birds, or guinea piggies – I’m here for them too. A wee extra charge applies for the additional pet sitting, but we can have a chinwag about that in our initial meeting. Let’s get that sorted in the ‘MEETING MY FUR-EVER FRIENDS’ section, shall we?


(6+ hours & live in) £45.00 per day)

Keep Calm & Purr On: Your Cat’s Staycation!

Hey there, cat lovers! Off on an adventure and worried about your whiskered pal? Stress less, ’cause I’m here to keep your kitty purring happily at home.

Your precious feline will be living the dream: fresh water, their fave meals on time, a sparkling clean litter tray, and all the chin scratches they desire. It’s all about keeping them comfy and content in their own kingdom. 

Extra kitties? No worries! It’s just £5 more per day for each additional bundle of fur. 

And for the rest of your animal family – from guppies to guinea pigs – I’m ready to spread the love and care. We’ll talk about any extra bits and bobs during our initial meet-up. 

Pop over to the ‘MEETING MY FUR-EVER FRIENDS’ section to book our chat, and let’s make sure your home and furry ones are snug as bugs while you’re away!



£15.00 (per hour). Only offered with a Pet Service.

Return to a Sparkling Home Sweet Home!

Imagine jetting off and coming back not just to your cheerful pets, but to a home that’s even tidier than you left it! That’s right, I’ll make sure your space is as neat and welcoming as a hug from your furry friend.

If you fancy a bit of extra sparkle, like a deeper clean in any corner of your home, just say the word! I’m talking crisp sheets, spotless cupboards, a gleaming fridge, and even that food shop you ordered, all neatly put away.

Choose what you’d like spruced up before you head out, and voilà – you’ll return to a home that’s fresh and fabulous. And hey, if you want the standard clean while I’m there for your pets, we can sort that out too!

Let’s chat about all the ways I can make your homecoming as lovely as can be. Drop by the ‘MEETING MY FUR-EVER FRIENDS’ section to arrange our initial meeting. Can’t wait to plan your perfect homecoming!


Chelmsford Paws, We’ve Got You Covered! 

Hey Chelmsford pet parents! Most of my cuddle and care services are just for you and your furry ones right now. But hey, if I’m out your way for a bit longer and can squeeze in some extra pet pampering, you bet I’ll do everything I can to make it happen! 

And for those special overnight stays, I sometimes venture beyond Chelmsford across the lovely Essex. I’ll consider the distance and my schedule to make sure I can give your pets the star treatment they deserve. 

Want to dive into the nitty-gritty of what I offer? Let’s set up a ‘MEETING MY FUR-EVER FRIENDS’ appointment and chat all about it. If you’ve got any burning questions or just want to get the ball rolling, reach out anytime, or use the handy ‘Jotform’ enquiry form to tell me all about your pet’s needs. Can’t wait to meet you and your companions! 

Oh, and don’t forget to hit me up with any questions you might have in the meantime. I’m all ears! 


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