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Zoë’s Tale: From Beauty to Barks and Beyond!

Hey there! I’m Zoë, a 42-year-old free spirit who’s absolutely smitten with all creatures great and small. I’m that gal who thrives in the sunshine, gets giddy about festivals, savours every bite of delicious food, and cherishes time with my family and mates. Oh, and I’m all about that fun-loving, boss-lady life!

Freedom? It’s the air I breathe! It’s super important for me to carve out my own path and create a life that’s as free and fabulous as possible. And guess what? I’m buzzing to share the tale of how Peachy Pets and Pads sprouted into life into the thriving adventure it is today…let’s dive in!

Growing up, my home was a menagerie of pets – cats, hamsters, gerbils, terrapins, frogs, and fish. Each one was a marvel, a little universe of personality that I loved exploring.

Now, I never had a dog of my own, and honestly, I wasn’t sure I ever wanted one. But fate has a funny way of wagging its tail, doesn’t it? When a friend trusted me to care for their precious pups, I discovered the sheer joy of doggy devotion. It was a week that turned my world upside down – in the best way!

From that moment, my heart just kept growing, dog by dog. What started as a favour turned into a calling. And before I knew it, pet sitting wasn’t just a side gig – it was my heart’s work.

 After more than 20 years painting faces in the beauty industry, I’ve traded in my eyeshadow palettes for the best gig ever – spending my days with your adorable pets. And let me tell you, every day is a tail-wagging, purr-inducing adventure with Peachy Pets and Pads!

There’s nothing quite like the joy that animals bring into our lives, and I’m living proof of that. Taking that leap of faith in September 2022 into full-time pet sitting? Best decision ever. It’s been a delightful journey, from beauty to barks, and every day is a new chapter in this heartwarming story.

With the influx of lockdown pets, I’m thrilled to bits that the demand for my pet care services has skyrocketed. It’s an absolute honor to be trusted with your precious companions. Although there’s a wee challenge – I can’t clone myself (yet!), and there’s only so many hours in a day.

But fret not! I’ve got a cunning plan up my sleeve, teaming up with a wonderful friend to broaden our horizons and bring even more cuddles and care to your pets’ doorsteps. We’re on the cusp of sharing this exciting venture with you, so watch this space! 

Until our next update, keep your tails wagging and your purrs loud. Lots of love and remember – life’s peachy with pets! Zoë xx 🍑

Zoe has looked after our crazy pup multiple times. She is lovely, reliable, communicated updates whilst we were away and kept our house clean and tidy. Luna is quite wary of new people but instantly took to Zoe and is always super excited whenever Zoe comes to look after her.  We would 100% recommend Zoe.

Bronwyn Reid – Little Totham, Maldon

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Bigging Up the Best in Pet Biz! 

Alright pet lovers! I’m always scouting for the crème de la crème of pet services to pass on to you lot. When I stumble across an absolute diamond, I can’t wait to sing their praises – ’cause I only rave about the ones that are truly the dog’s bollocks! 

Now, if you give a bell to any of my top picks, let ’em know you heard about them through me, Zoë from Peachy Pets and Pads, would you? I’m not after any dosh for the shout-out; it’s just smashing for them to know who’s been bigging them up. I mean, we all love a bit of recognition, don’t we? 

Have a gander below for my handpicked list of pet businesses. These are the folks I trust wholeheartedly – they’re the bee’s knees, and I reckon you’ll think so too! 



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